Fourth Generation

12. George Porter Additon85,86,87 was born on 21 February 1853 in New York City, New York (New York).47,48,50,85,87,88,89,90 The date on some records is 24 Feb, however the baptism record clearly shows the 21st of Feb. He was baptized on 21 February 1853 at the Dutch Reformed Church in New York, New York (New York).87 In 1870 he was a clerk in a dry goods store in Augusta, Maine (Kennebec).88 George lived in Augusta, Maine (Kennebec) in 1870.88 In 1880 he was a traveling salesman in Augusta, Maine (Kennebec).89 He lived with his step-father Amos Wilder's family in Augusta, Maine (Kennebec) in 1880.89 George lived in Bath, Maine (Sagadahoc) in 1892. He lived in Bath, Maine (Sagadahoc) in 1900.50 In 1900 he was a shoe broker in Bath, Maine (Sagadahoc).50 In 1910 George was a commercial trucker for a cigar factory in Bath, Maine (Sagadahoc).90 He lived at Washington Street in Bath, Maine (Sagadahoc) in 1910.90 He died of heart disease and other complications at the Bath Hospital on 24 February 1917 at the age of 64 in Bath, Maine (Sagadahoc).19,47,86 George was buried on 27 February 1917 in Freeport, Maine (Cumberland).19 Obit says died at age 64, on his birthday. Julia Ann Holbrook and George Porter Additon46 were married on 13 June 1883 in Freeport, Maine (Cumberland).47,48,50,86,90,91 Married 27 years in 1910 - she married at age 25.

13. Julia Ann Holbrook was born on 6 June 1858 in Freeport, Maine (Cumberland).47,48,50,61,90,91,92,93,94 Age 1 in 1860, 11 in 1870, 21 in 1880, 51 in 1910, 71 in 1930. She lived in Freeport, Maine (Cumberland) in 1860.93 She lived in Freeport, Maine (Cumberland) in 1870.94 Julia lived in Freeport, Maine (Cumberland) in 1880.92 She lived in Bath, Maine (Sagadahoc) in 1900.50 She lived at Washington Street in Bath, Maine (Sagadahoc) in 1910.90 Julia lived in Boston, Massachusetts (Essex) in November 1917.95 She lived at the Hotel Kenmore in Boston, Massachusetts (Suffolk) in 1930.91 She lived in Boston, Massachusetts (Suffolk) in 1935. Julia lived in Melrose, Massachusetts (Middlesex) in 1940. She died of cardiovascular disease and diabetes on 6 July 1941 at the age of 83 in Melrose, Massachusetts (Middlesex).47,52 Died of cardiovascular vascular disease. Complications of diabetes, hypertensive heart disease, and arteriosclerosis sclerosis. She was buried on 9 July 1941 in Freeport, Maine (Cumberland).52,96 Buried at Woodlawn Cemetery. One child born and still living in 1910.

Julia Ann Holbrook was my 2nd great grandmother on my mother's side. She was born June 6, 1858 in Freeport, Maine and died of heart disease on July 6, 1941. She married George Porter Additon on June 13, 1883 in Freeport, Maine. They had one son, Lloyd Holbrook Additon born June 14, 1887 in Augusta, Maine..

Children were:



Lloyd Holbrook Additon-16.