Second Generation

2. Cecil Ross Nutting7,8,9 was born on 20 June 1901 in Highland Plantation, Maine (Somerset).7,8,9 Cecil was the 4th born child to Eldora. Cecil lied to the draft board about his age to enter the war. Listed his birth as being 13 Jun 1900, versus his birth certificate date of 20 Jun 1901. He lived 292 Front Street in Bath, Maine (Lincoln) on 9 September 1918.7 On 9 September 1918 he was an a "lumper" on a truck for L. P. Soule and Son Company in Bath, Maine (Lincoln).7 Cecil served in the military after 9 September 1918 in the First World War, Jul 1914 - Nov 1918.7,10 Cecil was on a ship in Cairo Egypt. As a practical joke, one of his shipmates put "white lead" in his coffee. He got lead poisoning and he spent 6 months in the hospital in Cairo. He lost all of his teeth and a kidney because of this injury. He was a boxer, and won many championships.

Cecil was a writer. He wrote stories and songs, and played the violin. A man named Stephen Bodner in Kingfield has the violin that Cecil played. Dr. Decker has his collection of writings.

He was a Constable, Selectman, Renowned Poacher, and Lady's Man. He served in the military in 1924 in Discharged.10 [Couple] filed an intention to be married on 16 September 1925 in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis).11 He lived in Brighton, Maine (Somerset) on 23 September 1925.11 On 28 May 1927 Cecil was a Garage Business.12 In 1930 he was a laborer in trucking in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis).13 He lived in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis) in 1930.14 Cecil died on 25 January 1937 at the age of 35 in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis). He was buried in Harmony, Maine (Somerset). Cemetery on Rte. 150 Cecil was listed on his WWI draft registration as tall, medium build, with blue eyes and brown hair.

"Nutting Meaning andĀ Origin
English: patronymic fromĀ Nutt. This is a famous English surname, believed to be from Yorkshire, which is certainly where the first recording comes from. The style and spelling suggests that it may have an Olde English or Danish-Viking pre 7th century origin, and derive from the word "knut", which literally means a hard fruit. To this has been added the term "inga", normally used to indicated a people or tribe. "Knut" was used for many centuries as a baptismal or given name before the introduction of hereditary surnames, and can be found in a such a name as the famous "King Canute"." Velma Nellie Pushor and Cecil Ross Nutting were married on 16 September 1925 in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis).11

3. Velma Nellie Pushor9,12,15,16,17 was born on 25 January 1909 in Newport, Maine (Penobscot).9,16,17,18,19,20,21 1st born. Age 1 in 1910. Age 10 at 1920 census. She lived with her widowed mother at her widowed father's (Ethan Smith) home in Hartland, Maine (Somerset) in 1910.21 She lived with her stepfather Walter Libby and mother Bessie Smith Pushor. in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis) in 1920.20 Velma lived in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis) on 23 September 1925.12 She lived in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis) on 19 April 1930.14 She lived in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis) in September 1938.15 Velma lived in Clinton, Maine (Kennebec) in 1940.17 She on 2 March 1944 in North Platte, Nebraska.22 "Dear Less: This is Buffalo Bills home town as you can see You have read about him haven't you? We are getting nearer home each day. Will be seeing you next week. Love, Mother." She died on 16 February 1991 at the age of 82 in Salem Twp, Maine.12,19 MSA 9101897 From Jeanne Wright: I went to the Piscataquis Probate Registry in Dover, ME and found Docket #5466 regarding Cecile Ross Nutting. His wife, Velma Nellie, stated he died on January 25, 1937. He and she lived in Wellington. They had a son Leslie E. Nutting, Wellington, who was 6 years old at the time and a daughter, Bessie L. Nutting, Wellington, who was 9 years old at the time. There is a description of the land in Docket #5466 and the 50 acres was valued at $50.

Children were:


Bessie Letitia Nutting , R.N. was born in 1927.9,13,17 She lived in 1930.14 She lived with her mother and step-father Laurence Decker in 1940.17 Bessie lived in 2009.



Dr. Leslie Edward (Decker) Nutting-151.