Eleventh Generation

1106. William Averill was born about 1595 in Chipping, Norton, England.328,351 He died between 3 June 1652 and 29 March 1653 at the age of 57 in Ipswich, Massachusetts (Essex).351 He was buried in Ipswich, Massachusetts (Essex).352 "was born about 1595, presumably at Chipping Norton where on November 26,
1618, he married Abigail Hynton.* He died in Ipswich, Massachusetts, between June 3, 1652, and March 29, 1653.

Averill was one of the bailiffs of Chipping Norton in 1634. On September 8, 1634, Thomas Hyatt of Chipping Norton made his will leaving to William Averie and William Diston his messuage in the west end of Chipping to provide a preacher to preach five sermons a year. The will was not proved until 1644 when Averill had emigrated, so he was not called upon to administer this Puritan trust.

The year of the Averill family's emigration is not known. They were still in Chipping Norton in September, 1634, and the first mention of William Averill in New England is on March 2, 1637(8), when Ipswich, where he settled, granted him six acres of planting ground on the further side of Muddy river, and twenty acres of upland and six acres of meadow at Chebacco, then a part of Ipswich but now the town of Essex. Presumably he had been given a house lot in the town at some previous time, and it is probable that he received this unrecorded grant in 1635 or 1636. This lot, whereon the family lived, was on the northeast side of the Ipswich river at the "great cove" below the falls, and contained three acres4 William was recorded as a commoner of Ipswich in 1639 and 1641, sued Thomas Newman for debt in 1646, and in 1648 he subscribed the Major Denison's salary." Abigail Hynton and William Averill353 were married on 26 November 1618 in Chipping, Norton, England.351

1107. Abigail Hynton was born (date unknown).

Children were:


Abigail Averill was born on 17 October 1619 in Chipping, Norton, England.329 Baptised on this date.


Mary Averill was born on 14 October 1621 in Chipping, Norton, England.329 Baptised on this date.


Hannah Averill was born on 28 September 1623 in Chipping, Norton, England.329 Baptised on this date.


William Averill was born on 26 June 1625.329 Baptized on this date.



Sarah Averill "the Witch"-10349.


Thomas Averill353 was born on 7 January 1630 in Chipping, Norton, England.329,353 Baptised on this date. He died on 7 April 1714 at the age of 84 in Ipswich, Massachusetts (Essex).353


John Averill was born in 1632 in Chipping, Norton, England.329 Baptised on this date.