Tenth Generation

552. John Wildes232,255 was born about 1618 in England.255,326 He Came to America on the ship "Elizabeth" in 1635, and settled in Ipswich, Massachusetts. about 15 June 1635 in Boston, Massachusetts (Suffolk).326,327 He served in the military between 1637 and 1639 in Pequot War.326,327 John served in the military in September 1642 in Passaconoway War.327 He lived in New Meadows (Topsfield), Massachusetts (Essex) after 1643.327 He died on 14 May 1705 at the age of 87 in Topsfield, Massachusetts (Essex).327 John Wild was born in England in 1618 and settled with his brother at Ipswich. In 1637 the new settlers were plunged into war with the Pequot Indians and John Wild was among the men of Ipswich who served, receiving 3s. for his service in 1639. His name was also in the list of soldiers to whom it was "agreed that each soldier for their service to the Indians shall be allowed 12s. a day." December 4 1643. The date of his removal to New Meadows or
Topsfield as it became in 1648, is unknown, but it probably occurred about 1645 at the time of his marriage to Priscilla, daughter of Zaccheus Gould, one of the earliest settlers and most prominent men of the town.

The first record found after his settlement in Topsfield is a deed of sale, dated July 15, 1654, from John Wilds, Carpenter, to Robert Andrews, for twenty acres of upland "Lying between ye upland of John Willds & northeast Sarah Averill "the Witch" and John Wildes were married on 23 November 1663 in Topsfield, Massachusetts (Essex).255,328

553. Sarah Averill "the Witch"255 was born about 1627 in Chipping, Norton, England.255,328,329 Baptized on this date. She "accused of too great intimacy with Thomas Wardell." in 1649 in Ipswich, Massachusetts (Essex).329 She "presented for the lesser offense of wearing a silk scarf." in May 1663 in Ipswich, Massachusetts (Essex).329 Sarah died on 19 July 1692 at the age of 65 in Salem, Massachusetts (Essex).327 "Sarah Averill who was hanged for witchcraft" She Hanged as a witch. on 19 July 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts (Essex).329

Children were:



Ephraim Wildes-10352.