Tenth Generation

802. James (Stuart) Stewart was born in 1660 in of Middleboro, Massachusetts.35,298 He died in October 1767 at the age of 107.35 "Abigail's Father was James Stewart and wife Anna Bates. He evidently was a one of the 150 Prisoners when Cromwell won the war that were sent to this country. Several worked in the Saugus Iron Works. James was a sea Captain working for a man in Weymouth. Who apparently won his freedom after some years of service. Hiram Hawkes, my grandfather and Zelia were running Windemere Farm at the foot of Windham Hill when I was young. I stayed with them some and helped with the haying. Very find people. Hope to keep in touch with you." Sincerely, Bob (Hawkes) Anna Bates and James (Stuart) Stewart were married before 1686.35

803. Anna Bates was born in 1664 in Boston, Massachusetts (Suffolk).35

Children were:



Abigail (Stuart) Stewart-1922.