Sixth Generation

1167. Joseph Ripley Bearce was born on 27 May 1797 in Hebron, Maine (Oxford). He lived in Monson, Maine (Piscataquis) in 1816. He died about September 1818 at the age of 21 in Monson, Maine (Piscataquis). Joseph was 1/32 Wampanoag/Narragansett Indian from father. "The first settler in this town was Joseph Bearce, who came from Hebron in 1816. He had been here the previous year and felled a few trees. He commenced on lot numbered nine in the second range. During that summer, 1816, he cleared a field and built a small log house. This was the first house in town. It was situated a few rods north of the road now leading from our village to Blanchard, and near where the road formerly known as the ADudley Road' leaves the Blanchard Road. In the spring of 1818 he married Nancy Ricker of Paris. In the autumn of the same year death claimed him for its first victim.

While Mr. Bearce lived in this town, the path from Abbot to the settlement diverged from the path leading to Million Acres, now Blanchard, and finding a pair of moose horns, Mr. B. placed them upon a post as a guide board. From that time on they served as a guide post for the many settlers traveling on these spotted trails."

Joseph Ripley Bearce and Nancy Ricker were married on 15 March 1818 in Buckfield, Maine (Oxford). Nancy Ricker was born (date unknown).