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Second Generation

2. Dewey Jackson Hooper3,4,5,6,7,8 was born on 16 Apr 1891 in Greenville, Texas.3,5,8,9,10 The IGI indicates birthplace as Vernon, Texas (Wilbarger). Birth year from IGI is 1890 - WWI draft record is 1891, and place as Greenville, Texas.. He lived in Justice Precinct 1, Texas (Wilbarger) in 1900.5 In 1905 he was a railroad worker in Texas.3 He lived as a brakeman for the railroad in Wichita Falls City, Kansas (Wichita) in 1910.6 He lived in Kansas in 1915.3 In 1915 he was a brakeman on the railroad in Kansas.3 He served in the military in May 1917 in St. Louis, Missouri (St. Louis).3 "Early in August [1917] he was with the first attachment of American soldiers who paraded before King George in London. He was sent to the British front at St. Quentin where he, with the engineering forces were sent to lay a track close to the enemy line between St. Quentin and Hammell, and the enemy came out and engaged them in battle, which marked the first casualty among the American troops." He served in the military on 5 Jun 1917 in Kansas (Barber).8 This was his WWI draft registration date. In Jun 1917 he was an as a conductor for the A. T. and S. F. railroad in Kansas (Barber).8 He lived in Wellington, Kansas (Sumner) in 1920.9 In 1920 he was a railroad conductor in Wellington, Kansas (Sumner).9 He was listed as divorced in 1920 in Wellington, Kansas (Sumner).9 He lived 622 South Washignton Street in Wellington, Kansas (Sumner) in 1921.7 In 1921 he was a was a conductor for the Atchinson, Topekas, and Santa Fe railroad in Wellington, Kansas (Sumner).7 He died on 12 Jan 1929 in Woodward, Oklahoma.3 He was buried after 12 Jan 1929 in Wellington, Kansas (Sumner).4 Interesting to note that on the 1910 census Dewey lists his father and mother as being from Ohio and New York respectively. On the 1900 census they are listed as being from Alabama and Texas respectively. In 1917 Dewey is listed as being of medium height and build, with gray eyes and light colored hair. Dewey Jackson Hooper and Anna Lucille "Lucille" Lawrence were married before 1927.

3. Anna Lucille "Lucille" Lawrence7,11,12,13,14 was born in Nov 1891 in Wellington, Kansas (Sumner).11,12,13,14 She lived in Wellington, Kansas (Sumner) in 1900.12 She lived with her parents in Wellington, Kansas (Sumner) in 1910.13 She lived with her parents in Wellington, Kansas (Sumner) in 1920.14 In 1920 she was a stenographer for the city clerk in Wellington, Kansas (Sumner).14 She lived 622 South Washington Street in Wellington, Kansas (Sumner) in 1921.7 She died in 1954.11 From the Monitor Press - Jan. 16, 1929: "Sympathy for his bereaved widow, Lucille Lawrence, can hardly be expressed. She has suffered so many tragedies during the past few months that her burdens and grief tax the endurance of human capacity."

"Nothing has been overlooked or undone that could mellow her grief. Lucille know as is known by hundreds of life-long companions; they have always adored her, and so many tragedies piling upon her within a few months is a burden seldom to be endured. Friends are unrelenting to soften them, but the task is arduous."

"There certainly should be brighter days ahead for Lucille, they believe, and everyone is sincere in this hope."

Author's note - Lucille lost her sister in Nov of 1928 and her husband in Jan 1929. Her father died Feb 1926, and her mother's brother Aug 1925. Children were:



Jack Lawrence Hooper.