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Ninth Generation

416. Thomas Potts36,41,42 was born on 30 Dec 1677 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England.36 He died on 2 Feb 1754 in New Jersey (Burlington).36 He was buried on 4 Feb 1754 in Bordentown, New Jersey (Burlington). The POTTS Family, pp. 130 through 145 gives extensive write up including his Last Will and Testament; NJ Archives Vol. 22, p. 303.

His first marriage in 1698 to Mary Records is well documented, as is his third (?) marriage to Rebecca Wright (nee Stacy). However, throughout The POTTS FAMILY IN AMERICA book when his marriages are listed, a second marriage to a Mary Borden is listed with a question mark. The problem arises because of the same first names and the fact that there is evidence only for a burial of a Mary "late wife of Thomas Potts, deceased April 2d 1741, aged 56 years 8 months 26 days," which when calculated would make Mary Records only 14 when their first son Richard was born in December 1699. Thomas Potts and Mary Records were married on 20 Jun 1698 in New Jersey (Burlington).36

417. Mary Records36,43 was born about 1677/78 of Burlington, New Jersey.36 She died on 2 Apr 1741 in Mansfield, New Jersey (Burlington).36 The Potts Family book, p 135, gives what little is known of Mary and her father Nathaniel Records. Her birth and death data is missing because it is not known whether the statistics shown in The Potts Family book refer to Mary Records or to Mary Borden. There is documentation for her marriage to Thomas Potts (no documentation yet found for his marriage to Mary Borden). The tombstone next to Thomas gives a birthyear and death year but again it is not clear whether this refers to Mary RECORDS or Mary BORDEN. Children were:



Thomas Potts.


Richard Potts was born on 17 Dec 1699 in New Jersey (Burlington). The POTTS Family book, p 145.


Rebecca Potts was born in 1702 in New Jersey (Burlington). She died before 1754. The POTTS Family book, p 145. Rebecca apparently died before 1754 as
her father makes a bequest to her children and not to her in his Will.


Ann Potts was born on 26 Nov 1704 in New Jersey (Burlington). She died on 20 Feb 1788 in New Jersey.


Mary Potts was born about 1702 in New Jersey (Burlington). She died on 15 Aug 1798 in New Jersey. She was buried in Yellow Mtg House, Monmouth, New Jersey. The Potts Family book, p. 145, 152-3. Hist. & Genea. Misc. Vol. 3, p. 175 by
Stillwell. Supposedly she died at the age of 96 in 1798 which would mean she
was born 1702. Her last child, William, was born April 1749 which would make
her 47 at the time of William's birth and 8 years older than her husband John
Cox (a cousin to Thomas Cox who married Rebecca, Mary's sister).


Nathaniel Potts was born about 1710 in New Jersey (Burlington). He died in Jun 1761 in Mansfield, New Jersey (Burlington). The Potts Family book, p. 153-4; NJ Col. Doc. No. 23 by Nelson, p. 303 gives
Nathaniel's marriage to Susanna Kallam of Burlington Co. and they apparently
had no children. Their marriage of 30 Nov 1741 is on IGI M0249.