Twelfth Generation

3300. John Ayer(s)196 was born on 2 September 1582 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England.81,196 He lived in Salisbury, Massachusetts (Essex) in 1640.243 He lived in Ipswich, Massachusetts (Essex) in 1646.243 John lived in Haverhill, Massachusetts (Essex) in 1647.243 He died on 31 March 1657 at the age of 74 in Haverhill, Massachusetts (Essex).196 Hannah Webb and John Ayer(s) were married before 1625 in Haverhill, Massachusetts (Essex).196

3301. Hannah Webb was born on 2 September 1582 in Salisbury, England.81 She died on 8 October 1688 at the age of 106 in Haverhill, Massachusetts (Essex).81,243

Children were:


John Ayer(s)196,243 was born about 1616 in England.196


Rebecca Ayer(s)196,243 was born in 1625/6 in Haverhill, Massachusetts (Essex).81,196 She died on 6 June 1671 at the age of 45 in Andover, Massachusetts (Essex).81



Robert Ayer(s)-34524.


Thomas Ayer(s)243 was born (date unknown).


Cornet Peter Ayer(s) was born about 1633 in prob. England.243 He lived in Haverhill, Massachusetts (Essex) in May 1666.243 freeman He died on 1 January 1698/9 at the age of 66.


Mary Ayer(s)196,243 was born in 1607 in Ipswich, Massachusetts (Essex).196


Obadiah Ayer(s)243 was born (date unknown).


Nathaniel Ayer(s)243 was born (date unknown).


Hannah Ayer(s)243 was born on 21 December 1644 in Salisbury, Massachusetts (Essex). She died on 22 June 1676 at the age of 31 in Haverhill, Massachusetts (Essex).