Eighth Generation

238. Samuel Walton137 was born about 1705 in Newington, New Hampshire (Rockingham).137 He died on 30 January 1754 at the age of 49 in Somersworth, New Hampshire (Strafford).137 SAMUEL WALTON; 1753; SOMERSWORTH

In the Name of God Amen I Samuel Walton of Somersworth in the province of New Hampshire in New England Shopkeeper, being Sick of body * * *
Imprimus. I give and bequeath to my Son Allen Walton Ten pounds old Tenor Money my Gun always Disigned him.

Item I give and bequeath to my Other Children viz John Walton, Shadrach Walton, Benjamin Walton, Eliza Walton, Jane Downs, Mary Walton, and Frances Walton Each of them five pounds Each in old Tenor Money if they Shall Arrive to age in the Law to receive the Same

From 1690, paper money was issued, denominated in pounds, shillings and pence. The notes were printed from engraved copper plates (probably the work of silversmith Jeremiah Dummer). The Massachusetts shilling was initially worth 9 pence sterling. However, the value of this first issue of notes declined relative to silver coins and, in 1704, the "Old Tenor" notes were introduced, again at a value of 1 Massachusetts shilling = 9 pence sterling.

Item I give and bequeath to my Son George Walton my Land Down at Quamphegan to build a house or a Shop on and also my old Shop that Stands at the End of my Dwelling house to be removed and taken off from the Land where it now Stands-

Item I give and bequeath to my Son Samuel Walton a good Suite of Apparel for all parts of his body throughout Suitable for him According to the Discretion of his Mother, as also five pounds old Tenor Money.

Item. my will is that my Out lands (Viz) the lands in Cooks lot and my lands at the Little Falls & my lands adjoining upon peters Marsh if there Shall be a Necessity of Selling them for the payment of my Debts to be Sold for the Same purpose
And further my will and Design is that my well beloved wife Eliza Walton Shall have and I Doe freely Give and bequeath unto All the rest and Residue of my Estate with which hath pleased Almighty God in his great goodness and Mercy to Endue me with all both within Doors and without for her Support and Comfort During her widowhood if She Shall happen to be left a widow: and after her Decease or Marrying again I give and bequeath unto my aforesaid Children or So Many of them as Shall remain alive and Arrive to full age in the Law Shall be Equally Divided Amongst all Except my Son Samuel and my Daughter Jane Downs who Shall receive no More of my Estate then what is above or before Expressed And I Do hereby Nominate and will and Decree that my well beloved wife Eliza Walton and Doctor Moses Carr and my honored father George Walton Esq Shall be my Executors to See this my last will and Testament well and Truly Executed and to Execute and to perform the Same faithfully and Effectually performing in Every part of the Same According to the best of their Skill and judgment and as the Law Shall require ratifying and Confirming whatsoever they my aforesaid Executors, or So Many of them as Shall remain alive at the Executing of this My last will and Testament Shall be good and Valued in the Law renouncing and Disallowing all Other wills and if any there be by me had Made or Do Confirming this to be my last - Memorandum the words in the Mergent (of, my Debts, and the word (have) in the Second page of this Instrument was Entered and Underlined before Signing & Sealing as Witness My hand and Seal this Twenty fifth Day of October Anno Domini 1753
Samuel Walton
[Witnesses] Benjamin [illegible], James Stackpole, Philip Stackpole Jr.
[Proved Jan. 30, 1754.]
[License to the executors, March 8, 1754, to sell real estate.]

[Inventory, attested April 24, 1754; amount not ascertainable because of mutilation; signed by James Hobbs and Moses Stevens.]

[Warrant, Sept. 25,1754, authorizing Joseph Hanson of Dover, James Hobbs and Francis Roberts, both of Somersworth, to receive claims against the estate.]

[Warrant, Dec. 27, 1755, authorizing James Hobbs, John Wentworth, Moses Stevens, Samuel Randall, and Francis Roberts to set off the widow's dower.]

Province of New Hampshire }
Pursuant to a Warrant the Honorable
Andrew Wiggin Esquire. Judge of Probate for Said Province to us the Subscribers we have Set of to the Widow Elizabeth Walton her Dower or third Part of his Real Estate viz the whole of the field where the house Stands being all -the Deceased had In that Place with the whole of Said house & Barn & Tow acres and three Quarters Purchased of Capt Samuel Lord of Berwick on the South Side of the way before Said house & Tow acres of Land at the East End of the Land Purchased of Ensign John Tibbets with all the Appurtenances & Privileges to Said Two acres belonging also a Pew In the meeting house also one Day & half In Twenty Four In the Saw mill at Quamphegan which is In full of her thirds of the mill owned by the Deceased January 28th 1756

James Hobbs, Moses Stevens, Francis Roberts }Committee

[List of claims. April -, 1755; amount, £3731. 10. 7 1/2; signed by Joseph Hanson and Francis Roberts.]

[Account of the settlement of the estate; receipts, £2173. 12.11; expenditures, £1414. 11. 6; allowed April 30, 1772.]

[Additional account; receipts, £235. 9. 10; expenditures, £31. 9. 10; allowed May 20, 1789.] Elizabeth Pray and Samuel Walton137 were married before 1728.137

239. Elizabeth Pray137 was born on 12 April 1704 in Berwick, Maine (York).137 She died after 25 December 1755 at the age of 51.137

Children were:



Jane Walton-66088.