Tenth Generation

864. Francis Small Sr. was born before 6 October 1625 in St. Marys, Biddeford, Devon, England.150,167 He lived in the United States of America in 1632.150 He lived in Dover, New Hampshire (Strafford) in 1648.150,197 Francis lived in Falmouth, Maine (Cumberland) in 1657.150 He Purchased the Capsic lands near Portland Maine from Chief Scitterygussett. in 1663.150 He Purchased the Ossipee tract from Chief Captain Sundy on 28 November 1668.150,197 It was 20 miles square! Francis lived in Truro, Massachusetts (Barnstable) about 1700.197 He died in 1713 at the age of 88 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts (Barnstable).150 "Edward Small came to the Pascataqua about 1632 and was a magistrate in 1640. He sold his land to Antipas Maverick in 1647 and was of the Isles of Shoals in 1653. Nothing more is known of him.

Francis Small was born in 1627, as a deposition shows. Some have supposed him to have been son of the above Edward Small, and the supposition is a natural one but has not been proved. In 1648 he lived in Dover, N. H. Had wife Elizabeth, born 1634. Her maiden name may have been Leighton. In 1668 he bought a large tract of land, known as Ossipee, of an Indian chief and had dwelling house and trading post there, supposed to have been located in what is now Cornish, Me. He was at Kittery in 1668. About 1700 he left Kittery and went to live with his son Daniel at Truro, Mass., where he died about 1714 or 1715.

(1) This account has been revised and corrected by Rev. Uriel W. Small of West Leeds, Me., who has given much study to the genealogy of the Small family." Elizabeth Leighton and Francis Small Sr. were married about 1652 in Falmouth, Massachusetts (Barnstable).117,150

865. Elizabeth Leighton150 was born in 1634 in Dover, New Hampshire (Strafford).167

Children were:


Edward Small46,150 was born in 1651/2 in Falmouth, Maine (Cumberland).167 He lived in Chatham, Massachusetts (Barnstable) after 1694.197 He died on 30 April 1702 at the age of 50 in Chatham, Massachusetts (Barnstable).197 Children: Jonathan, Benjamin and Zachariah were among the first settlers of Harwich, Mass.


Mary Small197 was born in 1656.167


Benjamin Small150 was born about 1660 in Great Sebasioden, Maine.167 Lived at Eastham and Truro, Mass., and Lebanon, Conn. Died about 1740. 10 ch. Some descendants write their name Smalley.


Francis Small Jr.150 was born in 1664 in Chatham, Massachusetts (Barnstable).166,167 He died in 1709/10 at the age of 46 in Truro, Massachusetts (Barnstable).197


Samuel Small was born in 1666 in Kittery, Maine (York).167,197,198 He died after 1737 at the age of 71.197,198 He was 2nd husband to Elizabeth.



Daniel Small-13645.


Alice Small197 was born in 1676.167


Elizabeth Small150 was born in 1680 in Cape Elizabeth, Maine (Cumberland).167