Twelfth Generation

3316. William Fifield was born about 1615 in Littleton, Hampshire, England.79 He died on 18 December 1700 at the age of 85 in Rockingham, New Hampshire (Rockingham).79 Mary (MNU) Fifield and William Fifield were married about 1644 in Hampton, New Hampshire (Rockingham).79

3317. Mary (MNU) Fifield was born in 1618 in Hampton, New Hampshire (Rockingham).79 She died on 23 November 1711 at the age of 93 in Hampton, New Hampshire (Rockingham).79

Children were:



Benjamin Fifield-50768.


Mary Fifield was born on 28 November 1659 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (Rockingham).283 She died on 9 December 1659 at the age of 0 in Greenland, New Hampshire (Rockingham).283