Twelfth Generation

3202. John Cheney 2nd was born about 1610 in Waltham, England.117 He lived in Roxbury, Massachusetts (Suffolk) in 1635.237 He lived in Newbury, Massachusetts (Essex) in 1636.237 John died on 28 July 1660 at the age of 50 in Newbury, Massachusetts (Essex).117 Martha Parrat and John Cheney 2nd273 were married in 1634.117

3203. Martha Parrat was born in Waltham, England.117

Children were:



Sarah Cheney-50181.


Mary Cheney273 was born before 1639.273 She died on 30 March 1668 at the age of 29.273


Peter Cheney was born in 1638/9 in Newbury, Massachusetts (Essex).79 He died in January 1694/5 at the age of 56 in Newbury, Massachusetts (Essex).79