Eighth Generation

224. James McCausland51 was born before 1700 in Northern Ireland.51 He lived in Northern Ireland before 1718.51 with a group of Scottish-Irish Protestants He immigrated in 1718 to Falmouth, Maine (Cumberland).51 James lived West side of the Neck, Falmouth Maine on 8 May 1720.152 From Pam & Jeff Martin (Thank you!):

"In the autumn of 1717 a vessel arrived in the harbor at Falmouth in Casco Bay with 20 families of emigrants from Ireland. They were descendents of a colony which went from Argleshire in Scotland and settled in the north of Ireland about the middle of the 17th century. They were rigid presbyterians and fled from Scotland to avoid the persecution of King Charles I. They suffered severely during the winter their own provisions failed and the inhabitants of Falmouth had neither shelter nor food sufficient for so large an addition to the population. They were however given 100 bushels of Indian meal by the general court to help them through the winter. These people took their vessel up the river and secured it almost opposite Clark's Point where they remained on Purpooduck Shore during the winter. In the spring most of them sailed for Newburyport and reached Haverhill April 2nd. They soon established themselves at the place to which they gave the name of Londonderry. James McCaslin and several other families, however, remained in Falmouth. James MacCaslen was one of 150 persons taken in upon the act of the town to pay £10 each 18 June 1718.(1)

James was then granted a three acre lot on the west side of the neck in Falmouth 8 May 1720.(2)

" Granted and laid out to James MacCaslen land in Falmouth beginning at a stake standing west side of Capt. Benjamin Larrabye 3 acre lot, running to Daniel Inersells 3 acre lot, leaving an acre between the line and highway and thence north, west and be north, down to Back Cove to the water side. 4 acres, 3 acres for his 3 acres lot and one acre towards his 11 acre lot." 18 Nov. 1728.(3) Later James "husbandman" sold to John Owen, trader, for £17: "1/2 of all my land being in the town of Falmouth which was or shall be hereafter granted and laid out to me by the said town." 14 June 1729.(4)

" This indenture made the 18th Dec. 1729... between James McCausland of Falmouth and William Huston Jr. of the same town... for the sum of £55... do hereby... sell and confirm one moiety or half of his town right of land situate lying and being in the town of Falmouth..." signed by James and Mary McCausland.(5)

"James McCaslin eligable to receive common lands 11 May 1730."(6)

" Debts due to the estate of Phinehas Jones of Falmouth... James McCausland 1 Nov. 1743."(7) " Mary (MNU) McCausland and James McCausland were married.152

225. Mary (MNU) McCausland152 was born (date unknown).

Children were:


Henry McCausland 1st was born in 1722 in Ireland.153 He died on 7 December 1798 at the age of 76 in Gardiner, Maine (Kennebec).154,155 Day Family red book pg. 387 has his death date as 28 Aug. 1829 - 107! "The connection of Hannah and Robert to Henry, and James (children) is pure speculation on the part of the author (Robert R. McCausland 1923). The dates are right and the IGI, Burkes and some PRONI files speculate on this connection. However there is no solid source that shows Henry and James as children of Robert and Hannah. Henry (1722) and James (1724) are proven brothers and all their descendants come from reliable sources. In the History of Gardiner Pittston & West Gardiner Pages 68 & 69 It states Henrys place of birth to be Ireland.".... from Robert & Cynthia McCausland.



James McCausland-35576.


John McCausland152 was born (date unknown).


William McCausland152 was born (date unknown).