Seventh Generation

112. James McCausland51 was born in 1724 in Falmouth, Maine (Cumberland).142 He died in 1777 at the age of 53 in Gardiner, Maine (Kennebec).79 From the Illustrated History of Kennebec County Maine: "who was one of General Washington's body guard."

"The connection of Hannah and Robert to Henry, and James (children) is pure speculation on the part of the author (Robert R. McCausland 1923). The dates are right and the IGI, Burkes and some PRONI files speculate on this connection. However there is no solid source that shows Henry and James as children of Robert and Hannah. Henry (1722) and James (1724) are proven brothers and all their descendants come from reliable sources. In the History of Gardiner Pittston & West Gardiner Pages 68 & 69 It states Henrys place of birth to be Ireland.".... from Robert & Cynthia McCausland. Mary Jane Poore and James McCausland were married on 3 July 1746 in Falmouth, Maine (Cumberland).51,52,79,81,142

113. Mary Jane Poore51 was born in of Gardner, Maine.

Children were:


Private James McCausland143 was born in 1750 in of Falmouth, Maine (Cumberland).79 He died on 4 March 1826 at the age of 76 in Gardiner, Maine (Kennebec).79,144 He served in the military in the Revolutionary War, 1775 - 1783.144 He was a private in the Massachsuetts line. From the Illustrated History of Kennebec County Maine: James McCausland was the son of James, father to Thomas H., grandfather to Sumner B., and married Mary Berry.


William McCausland was born between 1752 and 1757 in of Columbia, Maine (Washington).79 He died in 1777 at the age of 25.79


Jonathan McCausland was born about 1754 in of Columbia, Maine (Washington).79



John McCausland-35575.


Samuel McCausland was born about 1759 in of Columbia, Maine (Washington).79


Alexander McCausland was born in 1763 in of Columbia, Maine (Washington).145 He died on 20 September 1853 at the age of 90 in Penobscot, Maine (Hancock).145