Tenth Generation

960. Captain Thomas Day352,464 was born on 27 May 1675 in Gloucester, Massachusetts (Essex).352,398,464 He died in August 1716 at the age of 41 in Isle of Sables - lost at sea.352,398 From the "Green Book" published 1967: "The year 1716 was a year sadly memorable in the annals of Gloucester. In August of that year five vessels and twenty men, estimated at one-tenth the tonnage and one-fifteenth of all male citizens -- were lost on a fishing voyage to the Isle of Sables. Among the number was Thomas Day (3) ." Mary Denning and Captain Thomas Day were married on 7 March 1700.352

961. Mary Denning was born about 1682 in Gloucester, Massachusetts (Essex).465

Children were:


Hepsibah Day352 was born about 1701 in Gloucester, Massachusetts (Essex).



Josiah Day-270.


Stephen Day was born.


Mary Day352,466 was born on 22 April 1707 in Gloucester, Massachusetts (Essex).352,466,467


Thomas Day was born.


Jacob Day was born.