Sixteenth Generation

59740. Kenelm Winslow was born in 1528 in Droitwich, Worcestershire, England.343 He was christened in 1528 in Kerswell, Worcestershire, England.343 He died on 9 November 1607 at the age of 79 in Kempsey, Worcester, England.61 Catherine Bucke and Kenelm Winslow were married in 1550 in Kempsey, Worcester, England.61,343

59741. Catherine Bucke was born in 1530 in Droitwich, Worcestershire, England.343 She died on 4 April 1607 at the age of 77 in Droitwich, Worcestershire, England.

Children were:



Gov. Edward Winslow of the Mayflower-18413.