Tenth Generation

1020. Samuel (Button) Burton was born about 1697 in Westerly, Rhode Island (Washington).147 He died after 1782 at the age of 85 in of Hopkinton, Rhode Island (Washington).147 Sarah Lamb and Samuel (Button) Burton were married about 1722.

1021. Sarah Lamb was born about 1701 in Groton, Connecticut (New London).

Children were:


Samuel Burton Jr.410 was born in 1733 in Hopkinton, Rhode Island (Washington).410 The will of Samuel "Button," Jr. of Hopkinton, RI, dated 8 July 1778, mentions wife Sarah, sons Joshua, NATHAN, Perry & Joseph; daughters Susannah Button, Sarah Button, Eunice Button, Lois Button and Anna Button. The will was dated 8 July 1778 and proved 17 July 1778. This Samuel Button, Jr MAY be the father of our Nathan OR, more likely, his father, Samuel, Sr. was the father (see Notes: Samuel Button, Sr.).

According to "Button Families in America," 1971, the children of Samuel Button, Sr. and Samuel Button, Jr. have long been confused. The dates of birth of the children of Samuel, Jr. have been further confused by "faulty records." However, the names of the children shown here have been proven through Samuel Jr.'s will, deeds and other records. Further, the book indicates that it was Nathan, son of Samuel, Jr. who married Hannah and Hannah was indeed the name of Nathan BURTON's wife. However, given Nathan Burton's birth in 1735 and the estimated birth year of Samuel, Sr. in 1697, Samuel, Sr. is the more serious suspect for likely father of Nathan.

This Samuel is referred to as "Colonel" Samuel Button in "Genealogical Sketch of the Early Descendants of Matthias Button," A. Button, 1903. This author did not know Samuel's father and solicited such information in his pamphlet. Samuel is listed in this text as being of Groton, CT as was his wife.

"Button Families of America" cites a letter written by a Frank B. Lamb of Westfield, NY dated 29 Mar 1900 stating that Samuel Button, Jr. and Sarah Lamb were married in 1738 at Groton, CT. If Nathan Burton is the son of Samuel, Jr., then his birthdate in 1735 would seem to indicate either an earlier wedding date, or that Samuel, Sr. was the father.

Samuel, Jr. appears in the 1754 R.I. census of Freemen, registered voters, of that state, the only Button listed. He was a resident of Westerly, Washington Co., RI. He also appears in a list of 70 Freeman living on the north side of the Pauguituck River in April, 1757 when the town of Hopkinton was set off from Westerly and is, therefore, considered one of the founders of the town of Hopkinton. Again, he was the only Button on the list. (From "Historical Sketch of the Town of Hopkinton," Rev. S. S. Griswold, 1877, pg. 17)

He also appears in the 1774 RI census living at Hopkinton, RI; his family consisted of 11 people, 2 males above 16, 3 males under 16, 3 females above 16 and 3 females under 16. This number and gender corresponds with the known information regarding his children, as shown. However, we know that Nathan "Burton" was married about 1760; this is another factor weighing in favor of Samuel, Sr. as father. Only one Samuel Button appears in the RI census of 1782, one male and one female, each over age 50; since Samuel, Jr. died in 1778, this must be his father, Samuel, Sr.



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