Thirteenth Generation

8084. Edmund Littlefield was born on 27 June 1592 in Exeter, England (Devonshire).276,687 He died on 11 December 1661 at the age of 69 in Wells, Maine (York).276 Anne or Agnes Austin and Edmund Littlefield were married on 16 October 1614 in Litchfield, Hants, England.276,687

8085. Anne or Agnes Austin was born on 1 February 1596 in Exeter, England (Devonshire).276 She died on 12 December 1677 at the age of 81 in Wells, Maine (York).276

Children were:


Francis Littlefield , "the Elder" was born on 17 June 1619 in Titchfield, Co. Hants, Hampshire, England.276 He died on 15 January 1712 at the age of 92 in Wells, Maine (York).276


Anthony Littlefield was born on 7 October 1621 in Titchfield, England.687 He died in 1662 at the age of 41 in Wells, Maine (York).687


John Littlefield was born on 1 November 1624 in Tichfield, Hants, England.276 He died on 2 February 1697 at the age of 72 in Wells, Maine (York).276



Francis Littlefield "the Younger"-51010.