Fourteenth Generation

16304. William Bassett 1st646,685 was born before 24 October 1600 in Bethel Green, London, Middlesex, England.685 He died on 12 May 1667 at the age of 66 in Bridgewater, Massachusetts (Plymouth).646,685 He lived in Plymouth, Massachusetts (Plymouth).646 William lived in Duxbury, Massachusetts (Plymouth).646 He lived in Barnstable, Massachusetts (Barnstable).646 Elizabeth Tilden and William Bassett 1st were married about 1621.646

16305. Elizabeth Tilden646 was born about 1607 in Tenterden, England (Kent). She died before 1650 at the age of 43 in Plymouth, Massachusetts (Plymouth).

Children were:



Captain William Bassett 2nd-48272.


Elizabeth Bassett was born in 1626.646


Nathaniel Bassett646 was born in 1628.646 He died 16 JUL 1710/1.646


Sarah Bassett was born in 1630.646 She died on 22 January 1711 at the age of 81 in Marshfield, Massachusetts (Plymouth). per MAYFLOWER INCREASINGS by Susan Roser


Ruth Bassett (private).


Jane Bassett (private).


Joseph Bassett646,685 was born in 1629 in Bridgewater, Massachusetts (Plymouth).685,686 He died in 1713 at the age of 84 in Bridgewater, Massachusetts (Plymouth).686 He lived "settled in Bridgewater." in Bridgewater, Massachusetts (Plymouth).646