Eleventh Generation

1888. Henry (Layland) Leland was born in 1625 in England.462 He immigrated in 1652 to the United States of America.462 He died on 4 April 1680 at the age of 55 in Sherborn, Massachusetts (Middlesex).462 "The Children and Grandchildren of HENRY LELAND, who was born in England, about the year 1625; married Margaret Badcock, came to America in the year 1652, and died in Sherburne, Mass., April 4th, 1680."

"The family name appears to have been spelt by Henry and his son Eleazer, Layland. By his sons Hopestill and Ebenezer, Lealand. And their descendants, who remained in Sherburne and Holliston, continued to use the same mode of spelling, until about thirty years ago. But since the year 1820, the name, in all the different branches of the family, has been almost invariably spelt Leland."

"Henry Leland's first child, was either born while on his passage from England, or very soon after his arrival in America, for it appears from the church records of Dorchester, that Hopestill, son of Henry and Margaret Layland, was baptized in May 1653. The births of his other four children, are entered upon the town records of Medfield. They were born before the existence of Sherburne as a town, not in Medfield, but upon the land, which, upon the incorporation of the town of Sherburne, became a part of its territory. His daughter Experience was married in 1672, settled in Dedham, and continued to reside there until the time of her death.--His three sons settled, lived and died in Sherburne, near the place of their births." Margaret Babcock and Henry (Layland) Leland were married in 1652 in Dorchester, Massachusetts (Suffolk).276

1889. Margaret Babcock was born in 1623 in of Dorchester, Massachusetts (Suffolk).276 She died on 21 May 1705 at the age of 82 in Sherborn, Massachusetts (Middlesex).276

Children were:


Hopestill Leland was born in May 1653 in Dorchester, Massachusetts (Suffolk).462 He died after May 1653 at the age of 0 in Dorchester, Massachusetts (Suffolk).462


Experience Leland was born on 16 May 1654 in Sherborn, Massachusetts (Middlesex).462 She died in 1708 at the age of 54 in Dedham, Massachusetts (Suffolk).462 Children:
John, b. 1675
Ebenezer, b. 1677
Deborah, b. 1680; m. (?) Lyon
Hannah, b. 1683; m. (?) Goodell
Bethiah, b. 1686; m. (?) Fuller
Daniel, b. 1689; m. Esther Hall
Experience; b. 1692; m. (?) Marcy


Hopestill Leland was born on 15 November 1655 in Sherborn, Massachusetts (Middlesex).462 He died in 1729 at the age of 74 in Sherborn, Massachusetts (Middlesex).462 He was a farmer in Sherborn, Massachusetts (Middlesex).462



Ebenezer Leland-47442.


Eleazer Leland was born on 16 July 1660 in Sherborn, Massachusetts (Middlesex).462 He died in 1703 at the age of 43 in Sherborn, Massachusetts (Middlesex).462 He was a farmer in Sherborn, Massachusetts (Middlesex).462