36th Generation

-1643875092. Geoffroy "Grisegonnelle" 1st was born on 11 November 958 in Anjou, France. He died on 21 July 987 at the age of 28. Adelaide de Vermandois Countess of Anjou and Geoffroy "Grisegonnelle" 1st were married on 2 March 979 in France.

-1643875091. Adelaide de Vermandois Countess of Anjou was born about 950 in of Vermandois, Normandy, France. She died between 975 and 978 at the age of 25. see RIN 2105

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also, G.W. Watson and other authorities state that she was the daughter of Herbert II, Count of Vermandois and Troyes, and sister of Robert, Count of Troyes and Meaux, but the dates make this improbable.

1 marr: Lambert, Count de Chalons-sur-Saone
2 marr: Geoffrey Grisegonelle (or Grisgonell), Count d'Anjou
d 21 Jul 987, son of Fulke II, le Bon, count d'Anjou

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Children were:



Ermengarde Irmgard Anjou Duchess of Bretagne-3743.



Count Foulques "the Black" 3rd-3987.


Maurice de Anjou Count of Anjou was born before 1012 in of Anjou, France. He died in 1012 at the age of 0. born abt 958?


Adela Blanca de Anjou Countess of Provence died in 1002. She was born in of Anjou, France. born @ 960


Geoffrey de Anjou was born.


Adelais de Anjou (private).


Gerberge de Grisgonelle Count of Angoules was born about 982 in of Anjou, France.