Sixth Generation

48. Joseph Additon was born on 22 June 1792 in Littleborough (now Leeds), Maine.13,200 4th born.... Richmond family says.... 4 Aug 1786 - birth certificate says different He lived in Turner, Maine (Androscoggin) in September 1815. On 12 August 1850 he was a Farmer in Westbrook, Maine (Cumberland).201 Joseph lived in Westbrook, Maine (Cumberland) on 12 August 1850.201 He died of consumption on 27 April 1859 at the age of 66 in Portland, Maine (Cumberland).19,47,137 Consumption - Richmond book in error on date He was buried after 27 April 1859 in Portland, Maine (Cumberland).19 Marriage 03 Sep 1815 Turner Maine ---- Duplicate says Reliance Pinkham, not Richmond Alliance Richmond and Joseph Additon had marriage banns published on 13 August 1815 in Turner, Maine (Androscoggin). They were married on 3 September 1815 in Turner, Maine (Androscoggin).6,61,200,202 place of residence at time of marriage - Turner, Maine

49. Alliance Richmond was born on 30 January 1794 in Winthrop, Maine (Kennebec).200,203,204,205 She lived in Turner, Maine (Androscoggin) in September 1815. She died in September 1840 at the age of 46.47,205

Children were:


Greenleaf G. Additon was born on 3 June 1816 in Hallowell, Maine (Kennebec).13,61,136,206 1st born - age 34 in 1850. He lived in Wilton, Maine (Franklin) in 1847.6 In 1850 he was a music teacher in Portland, Maine (Cumberland).136 Greenleaf lived with his wife and child at his sister Mary and her husband Daniel Jones' home in Portland, Maine (Cumberland) in 1850.136 He lived in Saco, Maine (York) in 1860.206 In 1860 he was a music teacher in Saco, Maine (York).206 28 yr-old, Nova Scotia born, Jane McGowan living with the family in 1860.


Gustavus Additon was born on 29 September 1818 in Hallowell, Maine (Kennebec).13,61 2nd born He died in 1855 at the age of 37. 1850 census has a Gustavus in Auburn, married to Isabelle, age 20, with a child Gustavus A., aged 8/12. List him as a musician.



Lloyd Washington Additon-23.


Mary Ann Additon was born on 16 March 1827 in Hallowell, Maine (Kennebec).13,61,136 4th born - age 23 in 1850. She lived in Portland, Maine (Cumberland) in 1850.136


Rose G. Additon was born in 1830 in Hallowell, Maine (Kennebec).61


Roscoe Leonard Additon was born on 19 August 1833 in Hallowell, Maine (Kennebec).13,61,136 5th born - age 17 in 1850. He lived with his sister Mary and her husband Daniel Jones in Portland, Maine (Cumberland) in 1850.136 On 23 July 1850 he was a hatter in Portland, Maine (Cumberland).136