Thirteenth Generation

7482. Edmund Chandler154 was born in 1588 in England. He died in 1662 at the age of 74 in Duxbury, Massachusetts (Plymouth). From Sheila Stover:

1. EDMUND1 CHANDLER was born in England, est 1585-1590 and died 1662 in Duxbury, Mass. He married (2) NATIVE BARBADIAN WOMAN. She was born in
Barbados, and died in Barbados. He married (1) UNKNOWN.

Edmund was of Duxbury in 1633. He had lived for sometime in Barbados, and, whether his first wife died in England, or there, isn't known. He married a Native woman of some wealth, had daughters by her. The family came to Massachusetts--again--was the wife with him? Were his sons by the first marriage already there? Whatever, Edmund was in Scituate in 1650, but back in Duxbury where he wrote his will on 3 May. His son, Joseph, was named
executor, and it specifically leaves the plantation of their Mother in Barbados, to his 3 eldest daughters.

The Barbadian deed of transfer states " the wife of Edmund Chandler, a Native of Barbados in good standing, does transfer certain acreage of her dower, with all rights, appertences stock, to her husband, Edmund Chandler, for his female heirs by her, their assignees." Oddly, altho the deed transfer is stamped with the Crown, etc., the property is not described, nor is she referred to by name. It appears there is more paperwork, not researched.
Under the law, a woman of mixed blood could own, inherit, often even if her parents were not married. Keep in mind, at this early period, the land was often owned by famiies of color---and with the settling of the Crown People from England, dual, and mixed families were common.

Gleaned from this is the fact, female heirs only are to receive the property--accounting fo his will. Also, no records of birth for the Chandler children have been noted--- Elizabeth Alden and Edmund Chandler were married in 1610 in London, Middlesex, England.

7483. Elizabeth Alden was born in 1591 in Bocking, Essex, England. She died before 1632 at the age of 41 in Duxbury, Massachusetts (Plymouth).

Children were:


Samuel Chandler656 was born on 16 May 1611. He died in 1683 at the age of 72 in Duxbury, Massachusetts (Plymouth).656



Lydia Chandler-31080.


Benjamin Chandler656,657 was born in 1635 in Scituate, Massachusetts (Plymouth).590,657 He died on 6 October 1691 at the age of 56 in Scituate, Massachusetts (Plymouth).590,657


Joseph Chandler was born in 1638. He died in 1721 at the age of 83.