Twelfth Generation

3522. Richard Andrews481 was born before 1565 in of Norwich, Norfolk, England. Name: LDS Ancestral File version 4.17 Elizabeth Andrews and Richard Andrews were married before 1585.

3523. Elizabeth Andrews481 was born before 1565. Name: LDS Ancestral File version 4.17

Children were:



Mary Andrews-18664.


Robert Andrews Capt.481 was christened on 14 October 1598 in Gresham, Norfolk, England. He died 26 MAR 1643/4 in Boston, Massachusetts (Suffolk). Name: Know Your Ancestors From New England before 1850.
CHR: LDS Ancestral File version 4.17.
MARR: LDS Ancestral file.
OCC. Tavern Keeper.
He came to the Colonies in 1635.
WILL: Dated 1 Mar 1643 and proved 26: 1: 1644. If this is an old calendar date
this date would be Mar 26, 1644.