Pedigree Chart

8 Hugh "The Great" Count of Paris
b: about 900 in of Paris, Seine, France
m: before 14 September 938 in Mainz Oder, Ingelheim, Rhineland, Germany
d: 16 June 956 in Deurdan, Dourdan, France
4 Hugh Capet King of France
b: about 939 in of Paris, Seine, France
m: 970
d: 24 October 996 in Paris, France
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9 Hedwige
b: about 915 in of Saxony, Germany
d: 14 March 965 in Aix La Chappelle
2 Robert 2nd, King of France
b: 27 March 972 in Orleans, Orleans, France, France
m: 1000 in France
d: 20 July 1031 in Melun Castle, Melun, France
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10 William 1st, Count of Aquataine
b: about 915 in of Poitiers, Vienna, France
d: 3 April 963
5 Adelaide
b: about 952 in of Germany
d: 1004
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11 Adele
b: about 917 in Normandy, France
d: after 14 October 962
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1 Henry 1st, King of France
b: 1006 in of Reims, France
m: 29 January 1050 in France
d: 4 August 1060 in Vitry, Brie, France
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12 Raimond of Toulouse 3rd, Duke of Aquataine
d: 1060
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6 William 3rd, Duke of Taillefer
b: about 947 in of Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, France
d: September 1037
13 Bertha Garsinde
b: about 923
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3 Constance de Toulouse Queen of France
b: about 974 in of Toulouse, France, France
d: 25 July 1032 in Melun, France
14 Foulques "Le Bon" 2nd, Count of Anjou
b: about 909 in Anjou, France
d: 11 November 958 in Tours, France
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7 Arsinde Blanche de Anjou Countess of Tour
b: about 952 in of Anjou, France
15 Gerberge de Maine
b: about 913 in of Maine, France
d: 960
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