Pedigree Chart

8 Robert "the Magnificent" 1st, Duke of Normandy
b: about 999 in of Lorraine, France
d: 2 July 1035 in Nicea, Nicea, Bthyn, Turkey
4 William "The Conqueror" 1st of England
b: 14 October 1024 in Calais, Calvados, France
m: 1053 in Castle of Angi, Normandy, France
d: 9 September 1087 in St. Gervais, Priory, Rouen, France
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9 Harlette de Falaise
b: about 1003 in of Calvados, Normandy, France
2 Henry 1st
b: 1070 in Selby, Selby, Yorkshire, England
m: 11 November 1100 in Westminster, London, Middlesex, England
d: 1 December 1135 in Angers, St. Denis, Seine-St. Denis, France
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10 Baldwin V
b: about 1012 in Flanders, Paris, Seine, France
m: 1026 in Flanders, Paris, Seine, France
d: 1 September 1067 in Lille, France
5 Matilda of Flanders, Queen of England
b: about 1031 in of FL, France
d: 2 November 1083 in Caen, Calvados, France
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11 Alix Adela of France
b: 1009 in France
d: 8 January 1079 in Monastere De L'O, Messines, France
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1 Matilda Empress of Germany
b: about 1104 in of London, Middlesex, England
m: 22 May 1127 in Le Mans, Sarthe, France
d: 10 September 1169 in Notre Dame, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France
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12 Duncan 1st
b: about 1005 in Scotland
m: 1030 in Scotland
d: 14 August 1040 in Elgin, Moray, Morayshire, Scotland
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6 Malcolm 3rd
b: about 1031 in Scotland
m: in Scotland
d: 13 November 1093 in Alnwick, Northumberland, England
13 Sybilla
b: about 1009 in Scotland
d: 1040
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3 Matilda "Atheling"
b: between 1079 and 1082 in Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland
d: 1 May 1118 in Westminster, Middlesex, England
14 Edward "The Outlaw" Atheling
b: 1016
d: 1066
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7 Margaret
b: between 1043 and 1045 in Wessex, England
d: 16 November 1093 in Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian, Scotland
15 Agatha of England
b: about 1018 in Bavaria, Germany
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