30th Generation

793781048. Josceline de Courtenay was born about 1030 in of Courtenay, Loiret, France. He died about 1075 at the age of 45. The Noble Lineage of the Delaware West Family by Anne Fox 1958;p23
also per Marlyn Lewis Elizabeth de Montlhery and Josceline de Courtenay were married in 1065.

793781049. Elizabeth de Montlhery was born about 1040 in Montlhery, S-Oise, France, France. per Marlyn Lewis
"Elizabeth" (could be Isabel?)

Children were:



Milo de Courtenay-4592.


Josselin de Courtenay died in 1131.


Geoffrey de Courtenay died between 1136 and 1139.