Sixth Generation

44. Nathaniel (Doore) Dore127 was born on 17 November 1781 in Shapleigh, Maine (York).148,202 Age 78 in 1860. He lived in Garland, Maine (Penobscot) on 18 September 1850.149 Living with his son True. He lived in Garland, Maine (Penobscot) on 9 June 1860.148 Living with his son True W. Dore. Nathaniel died on 21 August 1862 at the age of 80.202 He was buried after 21 August 1862 in Garland, Maine (Penobscot).202 Mary Smith and Nathaniel (Doore) Dore were married in 1805 in Harmony, Maine (Somerset).127,202

45. Mary Smith127 was born about 1783. She died before 18 September 1850 at the age of 67.149 Not on the 1850 census with her husband.

Children were:



Rev. True Worthy (Doore) Dore-47391.


Mason (Doore) Dore was born on 26 April 1808 in Harmony, Maine (Somerset).127,203 He lived in Saint Albans, Maine (Somerset) on 15 June 1860.203 Living with Seth Avery.


Dudley (Doore) Dore was born on 5 February 1810 in Harmony, Maine (Somerset).127


Samuel Searles (Doore) Dore was born on 22 December 1811 in Harmony, Maine (Somerset).127 In 1870 he was a Farmer in Levant, Maine (Penobscot).204 He lived in Levant, Maine (Penobscot) in 1870.204


Salley (Doore) Dore was born on 13 March 1814 in Harmony, Maine (Somerset).127


Elkins (Doore) Dore was born on 6 January 1816 in Harmony, Maine (Somerset).127


Nancy (Doore) Dore was born on 31 March 1817 in Harmony, Maine (Somerset).127


Isaiah (Doore) Dore was born on 2 June 1819 in Harmony, Maine (Somerset).127 ??? Spouse: Sabrina LEIGHTON Marriage: 12 Jul 1845 Harmony, Somerset, Maine ???


Calvin (Doore) Dore was born on 17 July 1821 in Harmony, Maine (Somerset).127 ??? Parmelia LEIGHTON Marriage: 17 Apr 1851 Harmony, Somerset, Maine ???


Mary (Doore) Dore was born on 7 August 1824 in Harmony, Maine (Somerset).127


Hannah (Doore) Dore was born on 1 May 1825 in Harmony, Maine (Somerset).127


Eliza (Doore) Dore was born on 20 March 1828 in Harmony, Maine (Somerset).127