27th Generation

99223432. Aubrey de Vere Earl of Oxford was born about 1120 in Hedingham, Essex, England. He died on 26 December 1194 at the age of 74. genealogical Society of Utah; Gareth Rice

!Dictionary of National Biog VOL 58 P 220-21 GS #920.042 D561n.

The Plantagent Ancestry by W.H.Turton DSO Genealogical Publishing Co.
Baltimore 1984;p 113 GS #Q940 D2t.

!Complete Peerage vol 10 p 199-207 Lucia de Essex and Aubrey de Vere Earl of Oxford were married in 1162.

99223433. Lucia de Essex was born 1151/2 in of Hedingham, England. !NAME VARIANT: Agnes

!COMPLETE PEERAGE according to this source, she married at age eleven.

Children were:



Robert de Vere-3809.