Sixth Generation

32. Abel "Musketeer" Nutting177 was born on 13 September 1758 in Groton, Massachusetts (Middlesex).127,178 He served in the military between 25 April 1775 and 2 August 1775 in the Revolutionary War, 1775 - 1783.178 He served in the military between 19 October 1779 and 23 November 1779 in the Revolutionary War, 1775 - 1783.178 Musketeer died on 18 January 1828 at the age of 69 in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin).12 "Abel the "Musketeer" of Lisbon, married Rhoda Coombs of Bath who lived to her hundredth year, but did not quite complete it."

I have a copy of page # 30 from the Lisbon town records showing the family of Abel Nutting and his wife Rhoda Coombs.

"Abel was a soldier in Continental army, through the Revolutionary war. When he was visiting Bath, ME, in 1783, he stopped at the house of Ebenezer Coombs. It was at this place he formed the acquaintance of Rhoda Coombs, b ??, d 17 Apr 1867 ae 99y, to whom he married in 1784. Rhoda was his junior by ten years. He came to Lisbon in 1788 and settled some two and half miles north of Lisbon Factory at what was called Jordan's Mills. He remained in Lisbon until 1803, and took charge of the grist-mill at Jordan Mills. In 1804 he gave up the grist mill and removed to a farm about half a mile above the village. His land was situated on both sides of Sabattus stream, having on it at the time a log and hovel built by Russell Hinkley (later in 1873 the Haskell farm). His widow m(2) William Green."

" NUTTING, Abel b. at Groten, MA. He married Rhoda Coombs 12 Aug 1785 at Bath, MA [ME] and d. 18 Jan 1828. He applied for a pension 11 Apr 1818 in Lincoln Co., MA [ME] aged 59. In 1820 he had a wife Rhoda age 52 and children Deliverance 18, Rhoda 16, James 6 and Irene 2. Widow m. William Green of Scoggin Co., ME and Alfred and Charles Spears were witness to the BLW application. Wid applied 17 July 1849 Cumberland Co ME age 81."

"MA Line W25656 BLW #24157-160-55 (Extracted by Thom Montgomery from Rev. War Index by Virgil D. White 1992 National Historical Pub. Co. p2527" Rhoda Coombs and Abel "Musketeer" Nutting were married on 12 August 1785 in Bath, Maine (Sagadahoc).177,178

33. Rhoda Coombs177,179 was born on 11 June 1767 in Bath, Maine.127,179 According to accounts Rhoda "lived to her hundreth year, but did not quite complete it." She died on 17 April 1867 at the age of 99 in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin).12 She was buried after 17 April 1867 at Ferry Road Cemetery in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin). Document said Rhoda Green, formerly widow of Abel Nutting, was to receive a pension increase as widow of husband Abel Nutting for his service in the Revolutionary War. The document was dated 7 Jul 1838. The document stated that the period covered was from 4 Mar 1836 to 1 Jul 1848, minus 2 years.

Source: Cincinnati Daily Gazette Date: Apr. 27, 1867

The last Revolutionary pensioner in Maine was Mrs. Rhoda Green, who died on the 16th inst. The following is a sketch of the venerable lady's history:

Mrs. Green became entitled to her pension by reason of the services of her first husband, Abel Nutting, who was a soldier in the United States through the whole period of the Revolutionary war. They were married shortly after the close of the war. Nutting died in 1828. There were fourteen children born to them, thirteen of whom reached the age of manhood.

After his death she married William Green, whom she survived some twenty-two years. Her maiden name was Rhoda Coombs, born in Bath, Maine, June 11, 1767, consequently almost reached the age of one hundred years. She retained her bodily and mental faculties up to the time of her death, with the exception of her hearing, which became partially impaired some five years ago, and for the past two years she has been entirely deaf.

The descendants of the deceased are: Children, 6 living, 8 dead; grand-children, 46 living, 18 dead; great grand-children, 141 living, 5 dead; great-great-grand-children, 13 living, 1 dead; making a total of 206 now living, and 32 deceased.

Children were:


Aaron Nutting was born on 18 June 1786 in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin).12,127,178 He died on 10 June 1847 at the age of 60 in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin).12


Eunice Nutting was born on 1 March 1788 in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin).12,127,178


Rebekah Nutting was born on 7 April 1790 in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin).12,127,178


Joshua Nutting was born on 5 April 1792 in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin).12,127,178 He died on 26 October 1840 at the age of 48 in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin).12


Peggy Nutting was born on 25 August 1794 in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin).12,127,178


Abel Nutting Jr. was born on 2 August 1796 in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin).12,127



Abner Nutting Sr.-44462.


Betsey Nutting was born on 4 July 1800 in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin).12,127,178


Deliverance "Delia" Nutting was born on 15 May 1802 in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin).12,127,178


Rhoda Nutting was born on 26 March 1804 in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin).12,127,178 [Couple] filed an intention to be married on 5 May 1833 in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin).12


Seth Nutting180 was born on 9 April 1806 in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin).12,127,178,180,181 Age 43 in 1850. In 1850 he was a laborer in Augusta, Maine (Kennebec).181 He lived in Augusta, Maine (Kennebec) in 1850.181 In 1880 Seth was a laborer in Augusta, Maine (Kennebec).180 He lived in Augusta, Maine (Kennebec) on 17 June 1880.180 He died on 24 March 1885 at the age of 78 in Augusta, Maine (Kennebec). Seth Nutting, son of Abel & Rhoda (Coombs) Nutting, was born 9 Apr 1806 in Lisbon, Androscoggin, Co, Maine and d. 24 March 1885 in Augusta, Maine. He married 5 Apr 1827 at Durham, Androscoggin Maine to Diana / Diantha Whitney, dau of Benjamin & Mary/Polly (Varnum) Whitney. She was b. 26 Jan 1807 in Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, Maine [another source says Topsham ME]. In 1888, Diantha, widow of Seth, lived at Mt. Vernon road, near Coombs mill road in the vicinity of Augusta ME. She died 5 Feb 1890. (Maine Vital Records to the year 1892, NEGHS: “Diana, Feb. 5, 1890, a. 82. [w. of Seth, a. 82 y. 10 d. gy. 2.]” and [Seth, March 24, 1885, a. 77 y. 9 m. 19 d. gy. 2.]


Irene Nutting was born on 9 May 1808 in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin).12,127,178


James Jordan Garcelon Nutting12 was born on 5 November 1810 in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin).12,178,182 He was a Sailor.12 He lived in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin).


Isaac Nutting was born in 1814 in Lisbon, Maine (Androscoggin).