31st Generation

1587575244. King Duncan 1st was born about 1005 in Scotland. He died on 14 August 1040 at the age of 35 in Elgin, Moray, Morayshire, Scotland. He was buried in Iona, Scotland. M. H. Gayareth Rice;

Chart "Queen Elizabeth Descendant of King David";condensed by
W. H. Probus-Pleming from charts by M.H.Gayer O.B.E. and Rev W.M.H.Milner
M.A.F.R.G.S.A.I.; "Kingdom of God on Earth"; Royal Family; Throne and Nation
Established Forever" by R.E. Wemp; Dominion commissioner, British-Israel-World
Federation (Canada) Inc; 313 Sherbourne St., Toronto 2, Ont. Queen Sybilla and King Duncan 1st were married in 1030 in Scotland.

1587575245. Queen Sybilla was born about 1009 in Scotland. She died in 1040 at the age of 31.

Children were:



King Malcolm 3rd-4018.


King of Scotland Donald 3rd was born about 1033 in Scotland.


Prince Melmare was born about 1037 in Scotland.