31st Generation

1587575240. Robert "the Magnificent" 1st, Duke of Normandy was born about 999 in of Lorraine, France. He died on 2 July 1035 at the age of 36 in Nicea, Nicea, Bthyn, Turkey. He was buried in Nicaea, Bithynia, Turkey.
6th Duke of Normandy, murdered his brother Richard abducted Herleva of Falaise
dau of the village tanner, and kept her a virtual prisoner at the Castle of
Falaise, where in due time she bore him a son, William the Conqueror. Harlette de Falaise and Robert "the Magnificent" 1st, Duke of Normandy were married. Not Married

1587575241. Harlette de Falaise was born about 1003 in of Calvados, Normandy, France. Ridipath's Histories; Burk's Landed Gentry; Gareth Rice;

see RIN 2105

name spelled Harlotte, Herleve, or Arlette

Children were:



King William "The Conqueror" 1st of England-3735.


Princess Adelaide of Normandy was born about 1026 in Falaise, Calvados, France, France. She died before 1090 at the age of 64. Title:COUNTESS OF CHAMPAGNE
ab. Souv. Gen., France 22, Tab. 32, 48; Dukes of Normandy, France 5, p 115-27;
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see RIN 2105

had 3 husbands