29th Generation

396893808. Fulk V Count of Anjou was born in 1092 in of Anjou, France. He died on 10 November 1143 at the age of 51 in Jerusalem. He was buried in St. Sepulcre, Jerusalem, Israel. Our Noble & Gentle Families of Royal Descent Together with Their Paternal Ancestry by Joseph Foster p 178 1884 Edition: King of Jerusalem and Count of Anjou

Ridipath's Histories

Burk's Landed Gentry

Gareth Rice Countess Heremburge Maine and Fulk V Count of Anjou were married on 11 July 1110 in France.

396893809. Countess Heremburge Maine was born about 1094 in France (Maine). She died about 1126 at the age of 32 in France (Maine). Name spelled also Ehremberge.

Children were:


Count Elias Maine was born about 1111 in of Anjou, France. He died on 15 January 1151 at the age of 40 in St. Serge Abbey, Angers, Anjou, France.



Geoffrey Plantagenet V Count of Anjou-3817.


Sybil de Anjou was born in 1112 in of Anjou, France. She died in 1165 at the age of 53 in Abbey, St. Lazarus Bethlehem, England.


Mathilda was born in of Anjou, France.