39th Generation

-1606112118. Edward 1st, King of West Saxons was born in 875 in Wessex, England. He died in 925 at the age of 50 in Farrington, Farrington, Berkshire, England. Anglo-Saxon Bishops, Kings & Nobles, Eng 104, p 300, 342, 343;
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Edward I is sometimes referred to as "the English Justinian". He had a love
for justice, honor, and order in his affairs.
At one point in his reign, he faced a declaration of war with France and
rebellions from the Welsh and Scots. He decided that the only way to overcome
his difficulties would be to elicit the support of his people. In 1295 he
called together a parliament consisting of representatives of the nobility, the
church, and the common people. This "Model Parliament" marked the beginning
of parliamentary government in England, a system which has continued to the
present day.
"What touches all, should be approved by all, and it is also clear that
common dangers should be met by measures agreed upon in common." Edward
proclaimed. He restricted the power of the king by accepting the rule that
taxes could not be levied or laws made except by the consent of parliament. Edgiva Queen of England and Edward 1st, King of West Saxons were married in Wessex, England.

-1606112117. Edgiva Queen of England died in 961. She was born in Kent, England. born @ 896

Children were:


Princess Edgina (private).


Princess Edburg was born about 897. She died on 1 February 924 at the age of 27.


Prince Ethelwerd Elfwerd was born about 900 in Wessex, England. He died about 924 at the age of 24.


Prince Edwin was born about 902 in Wessex, England. He died about 933 at the age of 31.


Princess Elfleda was born about 903 in Wessex, England.


Queen Ogive Eadgifu died after 955. She was born in Wessex, England. born abt 904?


Princess Ethelhilda was born about 906 in Wessex, England.


Princess Eadhylde was born about 908 in of Wessex, England. She died on 14 September 937 at the age of 29 in France.


Empress Edith was born about 910 in Wessex, England. She died on 21 January 947 at the age of 37.



Princess Edgiva-4547.



King Edmund "The Magnificent" 2nd-3912.


King Edred was born about 924 in Wessex, England. He died on 23 November 955 at the age of 31.


King Athelston (private).