37th Generation

-1475269850. Foulques "Le Bon" 2nd, Count of Anjou was born about 909 in Anjou, France. He died on 11 November 958 at the age of 49 in Tours, France. marr 2 Mar 979? Gerberge de Maine and Foulques "Le Bon" 2nd, Count of Anjou were married.

-1475269849. Gerberge de Maine was born about 913 in of Maine, France. She died in 960 at the age of 47. Charta from Charlemagne Society of Utah

Children were:



Arsinde Blanche de Anjou Countess of Tour-4016.



Geoffroy "Grisegonnelle" 1st-3745.


Guy de Anjou Abbot of Cormery (private).


Puy de Anjou Bishop of Droge (private).


Countess Adelaide de Anjou (private).