36th Generation

-737634928. Hugh Capet King of France was born about 939 in of Paris, Seine, France. He died on 24 October 996 at the age of 57 in Paris, France. He was buried in St. Denis Abbey, Seine, France. Hugh Capet, the Duke of France and Count of Paris, was elected to the
throne of France by the nobility after King Louis V died without heirs.
He was King of France from 987-96. Hugh was the founder of the "Capetian"
dynasty which ruled France from 987 to 1328. Princess Adelaide and Hugh Capet King of France were married in 970.

-737634927. Princess Adelaide was born about 952 in of Germany. She died in 1004 at the age of 52.

Children were:



Robert 2nd, King of France-3888.



Adwige Avoise Princess France-4083.


Alice Princess of France was born about 974 in France. She died in 1079 at the age of 105. died 150 years old?


Gisele Princess France was born about 978 in France.