Fourth Generation

10. Atkins Ellis25,27,74,75,76 was born in 1821/2 in Saint Albans, Maine (Somerset).27,28,40,76 Born in Wellington, Maine according to his daughter Frances' death record. He lived in Ripley, Maine (Somerset) in February 1858.77,78 He lived in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis) in 1860.79 Age 38 in 1860. Atkins lived in Saint Albans, Maine (Somerset) on 5 February 1861.80 He lived in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis) on 9 September 1862.75 He enlisted in the military on 10 September 1862 in Bangor, Maine (Penobscot)75 His unit was the 22nd Maine infantry. Atkins was discharged from the military on 14 October 1863 in Bangor, Maine (Penobscot)75 He was Honorably Discharged. [Couple] filed an intention to be married on 14 February 1864 in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis).51,81 He lived in Saint Albans, Maine (Somerset) on 4 February 1865.80 He lived elsewhere, he was not on the registered voter list in Saint Albans, Maine (Somerset) on 9 February 1866.80 Atkins lived in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis) in 1870.39 He Age 50 - Farmer in 1870 in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis).82 In 1880 he was a day laborer in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis).40 Atkins lived in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis) in 1880.40 He lived in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis) in March 1890.80 He died on 23 January 1894 at the age of 72 in Abbot, Maine (Piscataquis).74 Atkins was buried after 23 January 1894 in Abbot, Maine (Piscataquis).35,74 Page 251, 1840 Maine census - Ripley.

Suspect, but not proven, his parents to be Atkins Ellis and Betsey Church, married 3 Dec 1823 in St. Albans, Maine.

Ripley VRS show a marriage of Atkins Ellis Jr. to Mahala E. Raymond - intention noted 16 Jan 1858, 14 day certification on 5 Feb 1858 - marriage 1 Feb 1858.

The following from the Ripley Maine town records:

This certifies that the intentions of marriage between Atkins Ellis Jr. and Miss Mahala E. Raymond, both of this town, have been entered in the clerk's office on the 16th day of January, 1858 and published in the town of Ripley as the law requires.
Certified Feb 5th 1858 Attest, William P. Hoyt, Town Clerk

Ripley, Aug 19th, 1858: To the Town Clerk of Ripley: This is to certify that Atkins Ellis and Miss Mahala E. Raymond was married by me at the house of Thomas Raymond the first day of February 1858. Lewis Frost - Justice of Peace

A true copy attest - William P. Hoyt, Town Clerk of Ripley

1860 Wellington census: Atkins Ellis, age 38, farmer, married to Mahala age 18, Quimby age 19, Otis age 17, Daniel F. age 5, and Unnamed age 3 months. First 2 children are older than Mahala, and Daniel could only be 2 by their marriage - these children must be from a previous marriage.

1870 Wellington census: Atkins Ellis age 50, married to Abigail Dore age 38, children Eldora age 4 and Catherine age 10/12 (born September).

1880 Wellington census: Atkins Ellis age 63, a day laborer, is married to Abigail D. (Dore), age 49, housekeeper, daughters Eldorah age 15 and at home, Catherine age 11 at school, and Clara age 8. Also John D. Whitehouse 68, a day laborer, living with them.

1890 census of Civil War Veterans shows Atkins Ellis, Private Co. G., 22nd Maine Infantry. SD 2, ED 69 - House 118, Family 120.

From Jeanne Wright:

Over the last week or so I have been corresponding with Kathy Day, 41 Osborne Street, Fairfield, ME 04937. Her email is:

Kathy was telling me about Simon Ellis, son of "Adkin Ellis and Yadar Cedar Homes." Simon is her gggf. He married Christina Kenny, who was born Jan. 4, 1866 in Ellsworth, ME and died Oct. 28, 1936 in Skowhegan, ME. Her parents were Isaac Kenney and Clara J. (I am forwarding the info to you exactly as I received it, re: the spelling). Simon was born Sep. 19, 1865 in Wellington, ME and died Jun. 5, 1946 in Skowhegan, ME. Kathy has other records that show Simon was born Apr. of 1861. (I wonder if it could have been Apr of 1860 instead. That would have accounted for the 3-month old baby on the 1860 census.)

According to Kathy, they had 11 children: Mina (who married Albert A. Washburn and is Kathy's ggm), Alton, Arthur, Leaman, Fred, William, Virgie, Harold, Aletha, Viola and Victor. They are listed in Simon's obituary.

Kathy sent me pictures of Simon and his wife Christina and, amazingly, pictures of Atkins Ellis and Yadar Cedar Homes. She indicated that their children were: Simon, Mary, Oates, Freeman, Fred, Emline and Clara.

I see holes in her information, especially the children's names for Adkin. The mother of some of those children was Esther Church and for Clara it was Abigail Knowles. She does follow the same route from her Simon back through Atkins(3), Atkins(2) and Atkins(1), as I have previously discussed.

The picture of "Adkin" looks a little severe, but Yadar's face is kinder. I wish they were in better condition, as I would like to send a copy to you.

There is a granddaughter to Simon Ellis and Kathy was going to visit her within the next couple of weeks, so I'm eager to find new/confirmed information from that visit.

The spelling of "Maholey" is from Simon's death certificate, but it is spelled Mahala in the obituary. She sent me a copy of the obituary for Simon and for Christina. So we have Maholey, Mahala Raymond and Yadar Cedar Homes as the mother to Simon. She died before 1864 and the story is that Atkins and Mahala lived in the woods. One day Mahala was cooking supper or washing clothes and she dumped a pot of boiling water on her. It was in the middle of winter and it was a big snow storm. She died because of the burns. Atkins took the baby (Simon), put him under his coat and carried him out of the woods. In the snow storm he walked day and night to find the baby help and milk to drink. If you remember, there was a 3-month old baby on the 1860 census and no further mention of her anywhere. Perhaps the baby Atkins was carried died? Also, the accident would account for them only being married a short while and thus his marriage to Abigail. For some reason I thought that baby was a girl. If the baby was a boy and was Simon, why isn't he listed in the family of Atkins Ellis after 1860? Suppose he was given to one of Mahala's relatives to raise?

A new bit of information to me, Atkins was buried in Abbot, ME. I have no idea why, unless he was living with one of his children. Kathy sent me a rubbing from the stone on which his Civil War info was recorded, so I believe this is my Atkins(3).

Another new bit of info -- there were intentions of a marriage of Lizzie A. Foss to Atkins. Kathy doesn't think they were ever married though, as she married a Lowell Harrison on Mar. 10, 1895 in Kingsbury, which is just 14 months later.

I thought you might be interested in the above information. Perhaps it will help us find more concrete information. I will let you know if I find out any more about this family. In the meantime, if something makes sense here and it leads you to new or confirmed info, I would appreciate hearing about it. Thanks.

Jeanne Wright

In Vol., 77, p. 364, there is a Jan. 23, 1854 deed showing Daniel Lord paying to Atkins Ellis Jr., sum of $15 for a five acre parcel of land in Ripley, "being part of land John B. Raymond now lives on" and "being the same land and buildings bought from John Raymond."

I thought it interesting that Atkins (3) was already having dealings in 1854 that included the last name of Raymond, although I don't know who John was. Atkins(3)'s youngest son was born in 1854 and he was married to Mahala Raymond by 1858.

Jeanne Wright Abigail Dore and Atkins Ellis27,41 were married on 20 February 1864 in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis).12,81,83,84 Batch M522341 1839-1885 0011785 Marriage Records Pisc Co. - Film Married by Taylor J. Small - Mrs. Abigail Knowles married Atkins Ellis

Intention filed 14 Feb 1864.

11. Abigail Dore25,27 was born on 20 October 1828 in Athens, Maine (Somerset).12,27,85 IGI says he was born in Harmony, Maine. She lived in Harmony, Maine (Somerset) in 1830.86 She lived in Ripley, Maine (Somerset) in 1840.87 Abigail lived in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis) in 1850.51,85 She lived in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis) in 1870.82 She lived in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis) in 1880.85 From Christopher Dore... As to the Ellis connection.. I don't have a connection that I know of to Abigail Dore. There are a number of tombstones around the area with names like "Doore" and "Dorr" that I haven't had time to look at. There is even a Dore hill near Wellington. As to the reasons why the families left Wellington, it could be directly linked to the Civil War. I found that the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery (annihilated on June 18th, 1864) devastated the male population in Wellington, and there was a disease breakout in the town in that year according to some letters I have. There were also a number of what would be then known as Copperheads in the town, many of whom had physically resisted enforcement of the draft. I can only imagine that there was a lot of bad blood in the town which may have compelled some to leave. Just some ideas.

Children were:



Eldora or Eldorah Ellis-164.


Catherine S. Ellis was born in September 1869 in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis).39,40 Age 10 months in 1870. Age 11 at 1880 census. She lived in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis) in 1870.39 She lived in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis) in 1880.40


Clara A. Ellis was born in October 1874 in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis).40 Age 8 at 1880 census. Oct 1874 per 1900 census. Age 38 in Apr 1910. Age 49 in Jan 1920. She lived in Wellington, Maine (Piscataquis) in 1880.40 She lived in Athens, Maine (Somerset) on 13 June 1900.88 Clara lived in Athens, Maine (Somerset) on 19 April 1910.89 She lived in Athens, Maine (Somerset) on 2 January 1920.90 She died on 17 June 1922 at the age of 47 in Athens, Maine (Somerset).91 Murdered by her husband. She was hit in the back of the head with an axe. Clara was buried on 19 June 1922 in Athens, Maine (Somerset).91 Buried in Mt. Rest Cemetery. From Leo Watson:

Story of Ansel F. Corson in the Independent Reporter of June 22, 1922. I read this at the Skowhegan Public Library in Skowhegan, Maine. The newspaper is now called the Somerset Reporter. Read it on microfilm.

Ansel killed his wife, Clara Ellis, by hitting her on the back of the head with an axe. He then cut his own throat. This happened on June 17, 1922 in Athens, ME. The article states that services were Monday afternoon, and the paper was dated June 22, 1922 so I would say that the funeral was on Monday June 19, 1922 at the Union Church in Athens with interment at Mt Rest Cemetery in Athens, Maine.

Clara was Ansel's second wife and mother of all but his first child.

1880 census says Clara was 8 yrs. old - abt 1872. 1900 census says she was born Oct 1874. Marriage license says she was married in 1885 at age 11... which doesn't seem possible.

Clara had 9 children born and 6 living in 1910.

1910 census lists Clara's marriage as her 1st, Ansel's 2nd.