Ninth Generation

482. Captain Thomas Day278,321 was born on 27 May 1675 in Gloucester, Massachusetts (Essex).278,321,322 He died in August 1716 at the age of 41 in Isle of Sables - lost at sea.278,322 From the "Green Book" published 1967: "The year 1716 was a year sadly memorable in the annals of Gloucester. In August of that year five vessels and twenty men, estimated at one-tenth the tonnage and one-fifteenth of all male citizens -- were lost on a fishing voyage to the Isle of Sables. Among the number was Thomas Day (3) ." Mary Denning and Captain Thomas Day were married on 7 March 1700.278

483. Mary Denning was born about 1682 in Gloucester, Massachusetts (Essex).323

Children were:


Hepsibah Day278 was born about 1701 in Gloucester, Massachusetts (Essex).


Josiah Day278,322 was born on 30 January 1703 in Gloucester, Massachusetts (Essex).35,278,322 He died in 1758 at the age of 55 in Georgetown, Maine (Sagadahoc).278


Stephen Day was born.



Mary Day-298.


Thomas Day was born.


Jacob Day was born.