Tenth Generation

834. Capt. John Barker232 was born about 1644 in of Andover, Massachusetts.35 He died on 3 January 1722 at the age of 78.298 State of Maine Genealogy says Capt. John Barker married Mary Stevens had daughter Joanna....page 1167

Boston and Eastern Massachusets book says William Barker married Mary Stevens and had 3 sons (listed) and some daughters who aren't listed...the sons are born around the year Joanna was born...page 688

I believe the Boston book but have no proof at this time that this is correct...

Mike Walton 11/6/98 Mary Stevens and Capt. John Barker were married on 6 July 1670 in Andover, Massachusetts (Essex).35,232

835. Mary Stevens232 was born on 6 July 1652.

Children were:


John Barker was born on 3 November 1673 in Andover, Massachusetts (Essex).35



Joanna Barker-24755.