Fourth Generation

12. Lionel E. "Only" Leighton82 was born in 1862 in Windham, Maine (Cumberland).82,83,84,85 The Leighton Genealogy lists Lionel as born in 14 May 1859, however, he is not listed on the June 1860 census with his family. He is listed on the 1870 census, as age 8. He lived in Windham, Maine (Cumberland) in 1870.84 He lived with his parents in Windham, Maine (Cumberland) in 1880.85 [Couple] filed an intention to be married on 26 April 1886 in Windham, Maine (Cumberland).86 Only died on 6 April 1893 at the age of 31 in Westbrook, Maine (Cumberland).82 He was buried in Chase Cemetery, Highland Cliff Rd, Windham, Maine. He foreman at S.D. Warren Paper Mill.82 According to marriage certificate for George F. Leighton and Eva L. Bickford, George's parents were Only Leighton and Minnie Webber! We have Lionel Leighton and Minnie Webb. Minnie E. Farnham and Lionel E. "Only" Leighton were married on 12 May 1886 in Windham, Maine (Cumberland).3,87

13. Minnie E. Farnham82 was born on 19 December 1861 in Gorham, Maine (Cumberland).35,82,88,89,90,91,92 The birth certificate lists the mother as Jane, town records list Jane Duran as mother - father, George, died just before birth of last child. The first 4 children born list Lucy as mother on their birth certificates. She lived with the Hon. Josiah B. Webb family in Gorham, Maine (Cumberland) in 1870.93 She lived with the Hon. Josiah B. Webb family in Deering, Maine (Cumberland) in 1880.91 Living with J. B. and S. A. Webb in 1880. [Couple] filed an intention to be married on 26 April 1886 in Windham, Maine (Cumberland).86 Minnie lived Westbrook Maine in Westbrook, Maine (Cumberland) on 15 September 1895.3 In 1910 she was a servant in Westbrook, Maine (Cumberland).92 She lived as a widowed boarder with John A. and Ida M. Tanner in Westbrook, Maine (Cumberland) in 1910.92 Minnie died on 9 April 1916 at the age of 54 in Portland, Maine (Cumberland).15 She all records indicate Farnhum & Duran as parents - marriage cert says Webb & Lowell?. DNA proved Mike Walton's suppositions about Minnie Webb being the actual daughter of George Farnham and Lucy Jane Duran. A distant cousin is also related to the Durans and proves the fact that Minnie had a Duran lineage. I am leaving the original notes for posterity.

Oral history from Margurite Soft Spoken Decker: The family all teased Minnie, always calling her Minnehaha. Told her she should take her "warhoops" and go back to the Indians where she belonged.

Apparently, Minnie Farnham was taken in by the Josiah Webb family. She was born Dec 1861. The Webbs had a daughter born March 1862. Minnie could not have been the Webbs' daughter due to the dates of the two births. The daughter the Webbs had died in 1863. Minnie's father George Valentine Farnham died in Nov 1863. Minnie was two, and a new sister hadn't been born yet. Lucy Jane, her mother, was a widow with two children in diapers, as well as four older daughters to care for. Eleven year-old Georgia is found on the 1870 census with the Charles Odlin family, which means she was farmed out at that time. It is presumed that others were farmed out as well but cannot substantitate that, as they have not been found on the censuses.

Minnie must have been taken in by the Webbs at quite a young age, as she lists them as her parents on her marriage license. However, her birth is recorded to George Farnham and Jane Duran.

She is listed as Minnie Webber on the marriage information for her son George and daughter-in-law Eva Bickford.

Children were:



George Frederick Leighton Sr.-169.


Lewis Johnson Leighton94 was born on 31 December 1891 in Windham, Maine (Cumberland).94 He lived as a single man at 81 Washington Street in Portland, Maine (Cumberland) on 5 June 1917.94 On 5 September 1917 he was an as a seld-employed ash man at 81 Washington Avenue in Portland, Maine (Cumberland).94 Lewis was of medium height and build, with light blue eyes and dark brown hair.


Leone Leighton was born about 1889 in Windham, Maine (Cumberland). She died on 8 May 1890 at the age of 1 in Windham, Maine (Cumberland). She was buried in Chase Cemetery, Highland Cliff Rd, Windham, Maine.