Thirteenth Generation

6536. Philip Chesley232 was born in July 1606 in Jersey Island, England.336 He died in 1674 at the age of 68 in Durham, New Hampshire (Strafford).336 "Taxed at Oyster River 1661-1672, Philip Chesley the Emigrant was early of Dover Neck where he had a house lot which he sold to Thomas Leighton and in 1644 in Oyster River part of the town where, in later day on the north shore of Great Bay his sons had a garrison house. Five Chesleys near Jones' garrison were shot" in the Oyster River massacre of 1694. He was a freeman in 1665. Philip and Joan Chesley made depositions 30 Apr 1685." Elizabeth Leighton and Philip Chesley were married on 22 August 1640 in Durham, New Hampshire (Strafford).336

6537. Elizabeth Leighton was born in 1622 in Dover, New Hampshire (Strafford).336 She died about 1661 at the age of 39 in Durham, New Hampshire (Strafford).336

Children were:



Thomas Chesley-73533.


Philip Chesley was born in 1646 in Dover, New Hampshire (Strafford). He died on 18 December 1695 at the age of 49 in Dover, New Hampshire (Strafford).


Hannah Chesley was born in 1648 in Dover, New Hampshire (Strafford). She died in 1690 at the age of 42 in Dover, New Hampshire (Strafford).