Sixth Generation

60. Jeremiah Verrill109 was born on 19 July 1774 in New Gloucester, Maine (Cumberland).109,154 He died on 6 October 1834 at the age of 60 in New Gloucester, Maine (Cumberland).109 Lydia Tripp and Jeremiah Verrill109 were married on 28 November 1799 in prob. New Gloucester, Maine (Cumberland).35,109,154

61. Lydia Tripp109 was born in 1781/2 in Falmouth, Maine (Cumberland).154 She died of consumption on 23 March 1858 at the age of 76 in Portland, Maine (Cumberland).35 She was buried after 23 March 1858 in New Gloucester, Maine (Cumberland).

Children were:


William Verrill was born on 15 December 1802 in New Gloucester, Maine (Cumberland).154,210 He lived in New Gloucester, Maine (Cumberland) in 1850.210 In 1850 he was a laborer in New Gloucester, Maine (Cumberland).210


Eunice Verrill was born on 15 September 1807 in Raymond, Maine (Cumberland).154 She died on 31 July 1877 at the age of 69.154


Henry Verrill211,212,213 was born on 2 September 1810 in Raymond, Maine (Cumberland).154,211,212,213 He lived in Poland, Maine (Androscoggin) in 1850.212 In 1850 he was a farmer in Poland, Maine (Androscoggin).212 Henry lived in Auburn, Maine (Androscoggin) in 1860.213 In 1860 he was a farm laborer in Auburn, Maine (Androscoggin).213 He died in 1883 at the age of 73.211



Andrew Verrill-62788.


Dorcas Verrill was born on 25 July 1816 in Raymond, Maine (Cumberland).154,214 She lived in Raymond, Maine (Cumberland) in 1850.214 She died on 20 January 1879 at the age of 62 in North Raymond, Maine (Cumberland).154


Anna C. "Annie" Verrill was born on 8 November 1820 in Raymond, Maine (Cumberland).154,215,216 Age 36 in 1960. Age 58 in 1880. She lived in North Yarmouth, Maine (Cumberland) in 1860.215 She lived in Gray, Maine (Cumberland) in 1880.216 Anna died on 23 May 1902 at the age of 81.154


Richard Verrill was born on 11 July 1823 in Raymond, Maine (Cumberland).107,154 He lived next door to his brother Andrew in Turner, Maine (Androscoggin) in 1850.107 In 1850 he was a farmer in Turner, Maine (Androscoggin).107 Richard died on 3 November 1863 at the age of 40.154


Sarah J. Verrill was born on 16 October 1826 in Raymond, Maine (Cumberland).154