Eleventh Generation

2006. William French was born on 15 March 1603 in Halstead Church, Essex, England.176 He died on 20 November 1681 at the age of 78 in Billerica, Massachusetts (Middlesex).176 Elizabeth Symmes and William French were married on 20 November 1631 in Halstead Church, Essex, England.176

2007. Elizabeth Symmes died on 31 March 1668 in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Middlesex).176 She was born between 1693 and 1605 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England.176

Children were:


John French was born in 1635 in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Middlesex).176 He died on 7 October 1712 at the age of 77 in Billerica, Massachusetts (Middlesex).176



Elizabeth French-73523.