Seventh Generation

104. Simeon Farnham181 was born on 9 October 1756 in Andover, Massachusetts (Essex).232 He lived Gorham Maine in Gorham, Maine (Cumberland) in 1786.3,232 He lived Gorham Maine in Gorham, Maine (Cumberland) in 1786.3,232 Simeon died in 1824 at the age of 68 in Bangor, Maine (Penobscot).134 He was a Tanner.232 "Simeon Farnham came here from Andover, Mass. His wife was a Johnson of the same town. They had nine children. Mr. Farnham built the large three story brick house in the village, now owned and occupied by Mr. Jonathan Dow, as a hotel. Capt. John Farnham, late Postmaster, and now living here, was a son of Simeon." History of Gorham, Maine, page 165 Elizabeth Johnson and Simeon Farnham were married on 26 May 1787.134,233

105. Elizabeth Johnson181,233 was born on 17 October 1760 in Andover, Massachusetts (Essex).233 She died on 8 May 1858 at the age of 97 in Bath, Maine (Lincoln).233

Children were:


Maj. Simeon Farnham was born on 9 August 1788 in Gorham, Maine (Cumberland).134,180,181 He died in Bangor, Maine (Penobscot).134



Capt. John Farnham-4967.


Elizabeth Farnham was born on 18 February 1792 in Gorham, Maine (Cumberland).134,180,181


Roxanna Farnham was born on 7 April 1794 in Gorham, Maine (Cumberland).180,181 died as a young lady


Charles Farnham was born on 8 May 1796 in Gorham, Maine (Cumberland).134,180,181 He died in Newburgh, Maine (Penobscot).134


Henry Bowman Farnham was born on 1 April 1798 in Gorham, Maine (Cumberland).134,135,180,181,232 He lived in Bangor, Maine (Penobscot) in 1832.135 He died on 30 November 1879 at the age of 81 in Bangor, Maine (Penobscot).134,135,232 Henry was a Merchant in Winthrop Maine.135,232 He was a Lumber business in Scituate, Massachusetts (Plymouth).135 Middle name spelled Boman on family birth record from Maine archives.


Frederick Farnham was born on 30 June 1800 in Gorham, Maine (Cumberland).134,180,181


Edward Farnham was born on 4 September 1802 in Gorham, Maine (Cumberland).134,180,181