Twelfth Generation

3734. George Watson was born in 1603 in England. He died on 31 January 1688/9 at the age of 86 in Plymouth, Massachusetts (Plymouth). Banks shows that George came to Plymouth, MA from Dedham, Essex, England.
However, his father, Robert came to Plymouth from London and settled at
Windsor, CT before 1640. Phebe Hicks and George Watson were married about 1635 in Plymouth, Massachusetts (Plymouth).

3735. Phebe Hicks was born on 15 March 1613/4 in Bermondsey, Surrey County, England. She died on 22 May 1663 at the age of 49 in Plymouth, Massachusetts (Plymouth).

Children were:



Phebe Watson-42061.


Elizabeth Watson was born on 18 January 1648 in Plymouth, Massachusetts (Plymouth). She died in 1723 at the age of 75 in Massachusetts.


Jonathan Watson was born in 1659 in Plymouth, Massachusetts (Plymouth). He died in 1714 at the age of 55. He was a tanner. By 1676 he was a tanner in Dover, NH. He was brought into court for selling
"beare" 7 Dec 1680. The case was apparently never tried as the witness
against him never appeared in court. He owned land on the Upper Neck and near
Tole-End. In Oct 1714 he deeded all the property to his wife Elizabeth.


Elkanah Watson was born on 25 February 1656 in Plymouth, Massachusetts (Plymouth). He died on 8 February 1690 at the age of 33 in Plymouth, Massachusetts (Plymouth).