Eleventh Generation

1870. Samuel Sturtevant was born on 19 April 1654 in Plymouth, Massachusetts (Plymouth). He died on 21 April 1736 at the age of 82 in Halifax, Massachusetts (Plymouth). Mary (Mercy) Cornish and Samuel Sturtevant were married in 1676 in Plymouth, Massachusetts (Plymouth).

1871. Mary (Mercy) Cornish was born on 4 August 1654 in Plymouth, Massachusetts (Plymouth). She died on 3 July 1714 at the age of 59 in Plymouth, Massachusetts (Plymouth).

Children were:


Mary "Mercy" Sturtevant was born in 1676 in Plympton, Massachusetts (Plymouth). She died on 23 April 1707 at the age of 31 in Plympton, Massachusetts (Plymouth). per MAYFLOWER INCREASINGS by Susan Roser



Hannah Sturtevant-99177.


William Sturtevant was born in 1683 in Halifax, Massachusetts (Plymouth). He died on 28 August 1753 at the age of 70 in Halifax, Massachusetts (Plymouth).


James Sturtevant was born on 16 July 1688 in Plymouth, Massachusetts (Plymouth). He died on 8 May 1756 at the age of 67 in Plympton, Massachusetts (Plymouth).


Moses Sturtevant was born in 1716 in Fayette, Maine (Kennebec).