Ninth Generation

2980. Gladys D. Bearce was born on 17 February 1898 in Monson, Maine (Piscataquis). Age 32 in 1930. She lived in Parkman, Maine (Piscataquis) on 8 April 1930. She died on 3 March 1945 at the age of 47. Gladys was 1/256 Wampanoag/Narragansett Indian from father. Birth: Monson per IGI, Abbott per ancestral file.

Gladys D. Bearce and Richard P. Hill were married on 29 June 1925. Richard P. Hill was born on 25 December 1898 in Sangerville, Maine (Piscataquis). Age 31 in 1930. He lived in Parkman, Maine (Piscataquis) on 8 April 1930.

Gladys D. Bearce-59214 and Richard P. Hill-59215 had the following children:



John A. Hill was born about 1930. He lived in 1930. He was 1/512 Wampanoag/Narragansett Indian from mother.