Ninth Generation

2967. Philo Bearce was born on 7 January 1903 in Maine. He lived in Lakeville, Maine (Penobscot) in 1928. In April 1930 he was a farm laborer on his father's farm in Lakeville, Maine (Penobscot). Philo lived in Lakeville, Maine (Penobscot) in April 1930. He died in March 1968 at the age of 65. He was 1/256 Wampanoag/Narragansett Indian from father. .

Philo Bearce and Madeline L. Hurd were married on 13 December 1928 in Lakeville, Maine (Penobscot). Madeline L. Hurd was born in 1911 in prob. Lakeville, Maine (Penobscot). SHe was born in Maine, as were both of her parents - per 1930 census. She lived in Webster Plantation, Maine (Penobscot) in 1928. She lived in Lakeville, Maine (Penobscot) in April 1930.

Philo Bearce-59172 and Madeline L. Hurd-59173 had the following children:



Elwood A. Bearce was born in 1929. He lived in 1930. He died in 1984 at the age of 55. Elwood was 1/512 Wampanoag/Narragansett Indian from father.