Sixth Generation

967. Sarah "Sally" Bacon was born on 10 December 1779 in Freeport, Maine (Cumberland). She was 1/32 Wampanoag/Narragansett Indian from mother.

Sarah "Sally" Bacon and Samuel Decoster Sr. were married on 21 January 1798 in Freeport, Maine (Cumberland). Marriage says Sally. Samuel Decoster Sr., son of Jacob Decoster and Priscilla Rogers, was born on 15 August 1776 in Hebron, Maine (Oxford).

Sarah "Sally" Bacon-49360 and Samuel Decoster Sr.-49359 had the following children:



Samuel Decosta Jr. was born on 24 February 1801 in Hebron, Maine (Oxford). He was 1/64 Wampanoag/Narragansett Indian from mother.



Joanna Decoster-49346.